Inside the paranormal

Inside the paranormal was created as a side project to the work Alex does within the paranormal field. Over the past few years he had got involved in supporting paranormal teams on investigations and their social media outreach. Alex has had opportunities to work on paranormal programs like Most Terrifying Places.

Being a videographer and photographer Alex wanted some where to store his static camera footage from investigations also and platform to design websites and explore project ideas that he had. This was the birth of Inside The Paranormal.

Alex didn’t want everything to be just about capturing unexplainable footage but also the light hearted side of things. This is where the story projects came from. Again rather than doing the norm, Alex looked how to use technology and his technical expertise to make it something different. When Alex was planning this, he remembered the adventure books he read as a kid and the games he likes playing. The thought came to him, with an online platform why just have a straight story why not give options. This also gave him the opportunity to work on the train as he travelled in and out of London three times a week.